Do you need happiness to be successful?

Shawn Achor of The Happiness Advantage writes about happiness and success:
Happiness leads to Success and not the other way around.
Positive as well as negative energy transfers…

~You can create positive changes in your attitude and beliefs…you can overcome a negative mindset a few ways…try these:

~Write 3 things you are grateful for every, single day. This will raise your level of optimism and over ride and negative tendencies or environmental conditions that drag you down.
~Journal about meaningful experiences and focus on all of your senses and why the experience was so wonderful.
~Meditate/Pray 2 minutes daily in the morning before you start your day.
~spend 21 days of daily making an effort to thank someone or praise someone…it’s amazing what focusing on others and making them feel good can do for you!
~Connection is Key to happiness! Social support and social connections are powerful
~remember happiness is contagious!
~Be the happiest person you know!
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