You did your school shopping, you bought the new backpacks and shoes, pencial boxes and supplies. You bought all their favorite foods for lunches and breakfast. Your so excited to have “YOU TIME” back.

I remember those days. Oh how i wish I could do it all over again. Enjoy Mom and Dad. They grow up all to fast. One day soon they will do thier own shopping and want to buy lunch. They won’t need you to help them pick out that first day of school outfit. They wont even want you to attend thier first day back. Enjoy it all now. In one blink of an eye this will be your reality.

Now it’s GO TIME!

You have been telling yourself all Summer as soon as the kids go back to school you are taking your life back your time back. You are going to do YOU.

Now you are wondering HOW? How do I get back into the swing of things with my business? Where do I start? I fell off the wagon!

I am here to share with you that you start from the beginning. New beginnings are awesome. And it is one of the things I LOVE about what we do. We can start and restart when we need to. When life happens you can pause your business and pick it up when you are ready. I love that! There is no other industry that allows you to do this!

Where is the beginning?

You might be wondering exactly where that beginning is. Is it where you left off or is it from the actual beginning. Well, thats different for everyone. And the best way to figure it out is to watch the New ambassador training video. 

This video will give you a starting point. It will show you exactly where you need to be today to start pulling yourself out of that valley. Like I mentioned above, we all have a new “restart” point.

Momentum is easy. The key is once you start it don’t let go.

Once you have watched the New Ambassador training video it’s time to get to work. With a new school year there is always adjustment until you settle into your new routine witht he family. You may have sports or tutoring or specialty classes to think about. Just like you schedule those things you will need to schedule your time to run your business.

What does that look like?

  • 8:00 am – School drop off
  • 8:30 Clean up breakfast, Do a load of laundry, Make beds, watch my favorite DVR’d program IN PEACE.
  •  5-5-3-1 READ HERE
  • Finish your day.

The key to success in your business today, and every day, is to find a balance.

If you feel like you have to Fit your life into your Plexus business then you are doing it wrong. This business is easy and you may be making it to difficult. If you are the type of person who tends to turn simple tasks into difficult ones then you are probably doing the same with your plexus business.

Plexus should be a joyful experience. There should be no feeling of obligation to anyone. It is a business that you can squeeze into the businest of lives.

It only takes a few minutes to reach out daily. Practice 5-3-1. The daily routine of this WILL grow your bussiness. And it will also build tough skin. You may not get a response from todays 5-3-1 which is why you do it again tomorrow with a fresh group and a fresh mind. This will keep you engaged and on point.

Consistency is KEY in all things we do. It works and it pays off!

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