Benefits of Preferred Customers – We're Committed to Helping you Succeed!

Let’s Look at The Preferred Customer Program in Action!Here’s an example of the benefits of the Preferred Customer Program. If you had 5 Preferred Customers who each ordered one package of Plexus Slim each month, here’s how that would benefit you. The Personal Volume for one package of Plexus Slim is $79.95. That would be credited towards your personal requirement to have $100 Personal Volume a month. You could qualify for the month by purchasing one bottle of Body Cream, an outlay of $37.95. So, you would save over $60 immediately. You would earn a bonus of $15 for every package of Plexus Slim sold to a Preferred Customer. So, If you had 5 Customers ordering Plexus Slim each month, you would earn 5 @ $15 = $75. If you had already reached your required volume of $100 PV for the month, you would earn a Retail Rewards Commission of at least 15% on all the volume generated by your Preferred Customer. That is in addition to the cash bonus explained in Benefit #2. If you had 5 Customers ordering one package of Plexus Slim, your Retail Rewards Commissions would be 15% of 5 Plexus Slims at $79.95.
Here is what that works out to: 5 PS @ $79.95 X 15% = $59.96. That is in addition to the $75 earned from Benefit #2. The more Preferred Customers you have, the more stable your business. And, if you help the Ambassadors in your organization to do the same as you have done, your entire organization enjoys stability. You can count on your check staying strong month after month after month. If every two months, one Preferred Customer decides to become a Plexus Ambassador, your organization will be growing steadily and so will your check! Furthermore, if every two months each of the Ambassadors in your organization had one Preferred Customer decide to become an Ambassador, you would see massive growth in your organization. Please follow and like us: