Contacting and Re- Contacting your List (Things I did today to grow my business!) – We're Committed to Helping you Succeed!

Of course I am speaking of business (when don’t I? 😜). Creating a place to encourage, empower and train each and every single one of you is very close to my heart!

Your success is inevitable if you engage. Engagment is a must in this business. You must engage with your up-line, with your team  with your sidelines and with your clients. But, you must also engage with your potentials!

So, who are your potentials?

 1. having or showing the capacity to become or develop into something in the future. We usually forget who it is that we speak to about plexus if we dont write it down. You can count on surprising yourself if you go thorugh your messenger on Facebook or text on your phone. I always find someone who slipped through the cracks. Today is no different. I shared with 30people easy via text and messenger. And they are all going to join! (insert sarcasm😂) Wouldn’t it be great if that how it worked? Unfortunatley it doesn’t! What it does do is open the door of communication again. Maybe they forgot they asked you about plexus too! Maybe they are in a different place in life then they were when they told you “not right now”. You won’t know until you reach out, with even a simple hello!

Opening Doors

Opening doors of communication is key with people who have never asked you about your business. But that doesnt mean they are not interested. Maybe you havent reached out because they are already on another health regimen and you dont think they need your products (truth is everyone does!)

Maybe you haven’t reached out because you are intimidated by them because they are in the health and fitness industry. The best way to approch someone like that is to start the conversation out with “Hey Julie, You are so passionate about health and fitness I wanted to pick your brain, would that be ok?” Once they say Sure, follow up with, “When you are training or speaking to someone about weight loss, how often to you explain the importance of gut health?” Let the conversation continue from there! (don’t be intimidated at this point, ask your upline to be on stand by for any questions you might have!

Remember, you know more about your products then they do!

I would like to challenge each and every one of you to practice 5-3-1 over the next 24 hours.

​1. BE CONSISTENT – Try your best to do 5-3-1 every. single. day. This is what the Diamonds above us did to reach their success, so it is a proven strategy for growth in the Plexus business. Often times we find that when we slack on 5-3-1, our business doesn’t grow and we think it’s not working. Be consistent with 5-3-1 and the growth WILL come.

2. IT’S OK TO DO MORE – 5-3-1 should be the MINIMUM you do each day and should take you around 30 minutes to complete. If you have more time, DO MORE! Double it to 10-6-2 or however much you can and want to do. Adding to your 5-3-1 will only help you.

3. WHEN YOU’RE NEW – In your first month, you probably won’t have enough prospects/customers to follow up with 3 each day. That’s ok… either add to your 5 new contacts or spend more time on training. You may also not have any ambassadors on your team to train yet. That’s ok too… TRAIN YOURSELF – YOU ARE YOUR 1 until you have someone else to train.

4. BE ORGANIZED – Find a method of organization that works for you to keep up with your 5-3-1. Many ambassadors like to use a spreadsheet or keep a list in the notes section of their phone. Find what works for you. (More tips on organization here.)

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