Going Silver in 3 Easy Steps – We're Committed to Helping you Succeed!

The first step to doing that is to achieve the rank of Silver. Silver is the first rank advancment you will achieve in your business. And, not only is it my favorite but it is also the one rank that will earn your $175.00 right off the bat!

This is how:

Each time someone joins your team with a $99.00 Welcome pack you earn $25.00.

x 3 = $75.00.

Once you have successfully sponsored 3 people into plexus, whether they plan on running or business or just want their products at the deepest discount, Plexus will reward you with a one time $100.00.

$75.00 + $100.00 = $175.00.

So, it virtually cost you nothing to join plexus because you will earn your money back. How amazing is that?

Achieve this in just 3 easy steps!

Step #1

Create and contact a list of just 10 people that you know will benefit from the plexus products. (Everyone we know needs it!).

Step #2

When you reach out to them (the telephone is a GREAT tool!) And share. Ask them to please join you in a three way call with you and your direct up-line/ 3 Way message on Facebook.

Step #3

Introduce your up-line to your friend and then stay quiet and allow your up-line to take care of the call/chat.

Thats it!

Reason for contacting 10? You are sure to go silver with these odds. Contact any less and your odds go down.

Good Luck!