How to Quit Quitting – We're Committed to Helping you Succeed!

1.Temper Tantrum- “that’s it, I QUIT!” passionate in the moment quitting over something emotional 2.SLow Fade- Fade away. Back off. Slowly withdraw. Skip a meeting because there is one next week. Miss a call. This isn’t an intentional decision to quit but happens as they unplug more and more, removing support from each thing they fade away from. 3.Just for now quitting- Just for now, until _____ graduates…just until the holidays are over…just until I finish moving….just until I get settled at my new job.  excuses and situations create an opportunity to quit 1.Feel like you can’t do it. Lack of belief in yourself. You don’t think you have what it takes to get it done and be successful.  You will have to work on vision, self concept and belief.  Learning success stories is key! “he went through this and made it!” 2.My people quit.  Don’t let others actions define what you will do! 3.I’m out of names. I talked to everyone on my list and I’m done and no one joined my team so I quit. THERE ARE BILLIONS of people in this world. Not a valid excuse to quit. 4.I gave it my best shot. (well give it another shot!) 5.I’m not as far as I thought I would be by now. Hello!! Don’t dump your dream because it’s taking longer than expected! Keep going! 6.I’ve invested SO much. nope you haven’t…go look at franchising and small business owner fees…network marketing pretty much rock and is cheap to start! 7.It’s harder than I thought. Throw away mediocracy…have an excellence and success mindset!AIM HIGH and keep pushing forward! Success is hard! Keep working. 8.Somone made fun of me. (husband, mother, unsupportive neighbor made you feel stupid for joining this ‘scheme’. 9.Someone hurt my feelings (maybe upline didn’t recognize you, didn’t get a saved seat at event…small petty wrongs add up to you feeling hurt so you throw in towel. don’t be caddy… 10.Negativity created doubts and doubts turned to fear and you let that effect your decision. How will you combat negativity? It is essential to learn how to overcome and replace negativity for positive, inspiring and motivating thoughts. ADVERSITY is the canvas on which you will paint greatness! Obstacles are the seasoning that make victories sweet! 1.Ignorance phase…this is when something is new and shiny and wonderful.  Everything is roses and the honey moon period has you feeling like life is perfect.  You don’t know what you don’t know and have unrealistic expectations for the journey ahead.  (start a brand new company) 2.Immersion phase…Reality. Overwhelming. How to handle the actual work and obstacles.  This is where the rubber meets the road. You are starting to share with people and they are saying no…you have rejection. fear. frustration. Uncertainty about this journey.  This could be 6 weeks, 6 months, 3 years…everyone is different.  The key to persevering throughout the immersion phase is to stay in touch with the wonder of what brought you in…you why…that feeling you had when ignorance was bliss…persevere through mediocrity and pursue excellence as you manage your way through obstacles and challenges! 3.Intelligence phase…you’ve made it! Obtaining the goal and achieving excellence! A few things to remember about this personal management… Quitting pulls you out of the immersion phase and puts you back into the ignorance phase! (i.e. grass is greener, quit and join another company and have to start all over again and will eventually hit the immersion phase again and be faced with another decision to quit or persevere) Quitting is a permanent solution to a temporary problem Quitting starts a pattern that is hard to stop. Once you quit one thing, it will be easier to give up and quit on the next thing when it gets hard.  You have to remember, it’s about you.  Are you training and equipped for the journey!?  You will still be the missing link when you move on to something else. If you quit…you don’t get that time back. You can learn from the experience but you will still have to start from square 1 again. 1.Don’t show your last plan.  Fill your calendar with appointments to share your products and opportunity…always be looking ahead to new events, new meetings, new call, new prospects and keep your planner filled with appointments…The day you stop scheduling is the day you start quitting. 2.When you are feeling down, discouraged, and have a low tank of gas for your journey…TAKE ACTION IMMEDIATELY! DO SOMETHING POSITIVE!! Get on the phone with your upline or mentor…reach out to a customer to hear an updated testimony…move forward to overcome those feelings! 3.LISTEN to audios! YOU HAVE to constantly fill your brain with positive, motivating and inspirations material!!You have to have information to overcome the negative you will always encounter! Audios will keep you moving forward in your business! 4.Refresh your dream! WHY are you doing this? and think big past the materialistic things…thing causes, purpose, legacy 5.Invision your future. You have to SEE it!! Visualize yourself where you want to be…on that stage, at that rank, living your dreams. (vision/dream board) 6.Don’t fall for the false illusion of unknown alternatives. (the grass isn’t greener!;) 7.Get around leaders ASAP! Relational support from leaders and your team community will keep you involved, engaged, and you won’t quit. 8.Focus only on what you can control!!! (put your fingers in your ears and repeat…it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter…for things you can’t control!) Catalogs back ordered? doesn’t matter! People jumping ship? doesn’t matter! customer service messed up an order? doesn’t matter! STAY FOCUSED! Do you what YOU can do to move forward and forget the rest! 9.Know how to repair yourself.  When you are down and out, know what it is that will rebuild your belief and get your tanks to FULL again!!! Different for everyone! 10.When you need repair and demotivation, POSTPONE making ALL decisions!! Get back to a good place and then decide.  You may have to live with consequences of a hasty decision for the rest of your life! KEEP YOURSELF IN THE GAME! QUIT QUITTING. LET YOUR STORY BE WRITTEN.  YOU CAN DO THIS! Please follow and like us: