I just Ordered Plexus Now What? – We're Committed to Helping you Succeed!

Those who purchase products from our personal team members of ROCK YOUR BIZ (not-affiliated with Plexus Worldwide) have some amazing team resources available as well!

When you purchase products from one of our RYB team members, you get:

  • Membership to our secret Facebook Healthy & Fit Revolution Group.  This group partners with you on your health journey to help you find success with the Plexus products. This is a PRIVATE group only for our friends and family who are participating in the “Healthy and Fit Revolution” We’ll be taking a holistic approach to wellness: focusing on nutrition, exercise, supplementation, reducing toxins in our home, and self care. We’ll learn new healthy habits to help us FAR EXCEED our health and wellness goals! Welcome! 

Your Plexus sponsor should be inviting you to this Facebook page very soon!  We are here to help you find success on your Plexus journey!

When you have questions, please reach out to your Plexus friend who referred you and he/she will be happy to answer your questions!  You can also feel free to ask questions on the team page you will be added to!  We are here for you!

How to Get Started on your Plexus Products

Please visit the page How to Take Plexus Products on this website, where you will find a daily Plexus product schedule, product video and other resources.

The following videos The Plexus Products, Vitalbiome, Factor Plus will give you an overview of the amazing Plexus products.

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