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Sarah Clark writes: I’ve lost 20 lb, don’t need redbull, pop and Starbucks to get through the day, less headaches, better sleep, energy, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, and my anxiety that used to cause chest pains is controlled

Lauren Lutz writes: I’ve lost 48 pounds. No more migraines for 8 months now (I was on several medications and still having 1 to 2 debilitating migraines a week!), off 4 prescription meds and many more OTC meds, Decreased anxiety, better sleep, off diet mountain dew, no more caffeine yet crazy energy all day long.

Amber Stockton-McDowell writes: I started plexus with only weightloss in mind. I hadnt even considered all of the things that Plexus can help me with. So far with Plexus I have started finally sleeping instead of tossing and turning till 2 or 3 in the morning. I no longer suffer with heartburn or acid indigestion. I no longer am at risk for falling asleep behind the wheel during afterschool pick up. ( it was serious) I no longer have massive mommy meltdowns (major anxiety/Panic attacks) NO MORE PSYCHO PMS RAGE OUTS! ( my personal favorite ) No more sugar addiction. (Like hide the BIG bag of Reece pieces in my room, eat them till Im sick addiction) No more sprite addiction. (That WAS my water) AND.. as if thats isnt enough, im down 25 lbs And 3 pant sizes!! AND I make enough money with Plexus to pay my new car payment.. and still have some left over to play with!

AND…. last but not least, I have made a lot of wonderful friends and can work it all from the pool to the Mountain tops!!

Kashiun Marie Pierce and Kevin Pierce writes: Kevin is a sliver ambassador with Plexus! I wanted to share our story with you all. It starts back in February of this year. I’m a Unit Outreach Manager at Navient. I work second shift hours which is super long and can be very long days. My little boy is almost 2 so he’s pretty active. He has had many issues with not sleeping, wakes up 3-4 times a night. Which for any new mommy that is so hard. I thought this is the new normal no sleep, living on caffeine, sugar, and being exhausted. Then along came plexus! I instantly stopped drinking coffee and pop! I was waking up feeling refreshed, no sugar cravings, and had tons of energy! Fast forward now, I’m down 15 lbs, inches, sleep better, and I’m a better mommy! No more moodiness!

My husband Kevin is a police officer and works midnights. He has crohns disease which is an autoimmune disease. It can be awful and cause life threatening effects. There is no cure only just a way to treat the disease. He takes excellent care of himself works out constantly, eats clean, and takes vitamins. March of this year her was hospitalized for 4 days with diverticulitis and a GI Bleed. I asked his GI Specialist if he could try plexus and his response sure. As of right now Kevin is off all his prescription medications for his crohns disease, which is huge! He’s in the best shape of his life works out and has tons of energy on plexus! We are true believers and are proud to be plexus ambassadors! These products are life changing. We thank God daily for our plexus blessings.

Kingston takes the kids xfactor and a probio5 daily and sleeps much better We love plexus!

Tara Berger writes: Plexus has changed my life. Both health and wealth!!!  I started back in December and all I wanted was help with sleep and energy. One week into Plexus and I was no longer drinking RedBulls! It’s been 11 months since my last one! I drank them every single day prior!! After my first month, I was able to get off my antidepressants and anxiety meds along with my ADHD meds. Too good to be true?! It happened!!! So it’s true!! I’m also able to fall asleep at night with no struggle. It may be my favorite part!!! My acne has cleared up and I feel amazing every day!!! I’m a new person!
Financially I have been blessed as well. In just 3 months with Plexus I was able to match my husbands monthly income as a police officer. We are able to pay of debt and are almost debt free!! PTL!!

Valerie Ballou writes:  I began having anxiety issues at the age of 10. I would get really nervous going anywhere! I would literally get sick and throw up just at the thought of going somewhere! I would get sick almost every day before school and sometimes stay home 2-3 days a week because I couldn’t calm myself down enough to go! I was finally put on anxiety medication when I was 15 years old. It helped me enough to be able to go to school but if anything changed or if I had to go anywhere unplanned I would have an anxiety attack and get sick! I also started having horrible sinus headaches and would get sinus infections about 2x a year! I could not go to job interviews without getting sick beforehand! I could not go out with friends without getting sick beforehand! I could not go out with family without getting sick beforehand! It went on and on and on for years! I started having stomach issues where anything I ate would make me feel nauseus! I jut sucked it up and felt like this is what life is going to be like from now on! Anxiety meds, rx sinus meds, headache meds and Pepto!!! I started seeing posts about Plexus and was interested merely for the weight loss aspect to lose my baby weight. I joined as an ambassador in January 2015 to get the products at the lowest price. I immediately started having more energy through the day! I stopped taking naps! I went from 2-4 diet cokes a day to zero because they didn’t sound good anymore! I only craved water! I’ve lost 15 lbs of fat! I haven’t had 1 sinus infection and minimal headaches! I am getting the best sleep I’ve ever gotten in my life! But the best part is that after 17 years of being on anxiety meds I was able to stop taking them once and for all after 2 months of starting Plexus! I don’t get nervous and sick in the morning before work like I used to! I don’t get nervous and sick before going out with my husband like I used to! I have my life back! It’s a relief and huge weight off my shoulders! I give all the thanks to Plexus for changing my life and making me a better wife, mother, friend and back to my normal self again!!!

Scott Adams writes:  I began taking Plexus in March of 2015 which was about 8 months after my wife was taking it and several months after she had awesome results and began sharing it with her family and friends. Why did it take me so long to use it? Because I was one of the biggest skeptics there were. I figured after this much time, why not try it. I began using Plexus to see if it would help with my chronic migraines and headaches,  after taking it for 2 weeks, I quit because my headaches didn’t go away (dumb huh?). I decided a couple months after that to give it an actual try. I have suffered from these migraines off and on since the age of 5 and right around the time I started Plexus, I was experiencing 5-6 headaches a week. I have been to countless doctors, neurologists etc., tried countless OTC medicines, diets, gluten free, prescription medicines, surgeries and the latest was 32 Botox injections in my head and neck 2 times every 3 months. NOTHING worked!! Like I mentioned, I started taking Plexus as a total skeptic but very desperate for something to work, after several weeks of using it, I noticed a decrease in my headaches, I was sleeping better (although I thought I slept good before) I lost several inches and pant sizes and 25 lbs. Now I am down to maybe 1 headache a week if any at all. This literally changed my quality of life so much I can’t imagine going without it!  I currently take the Slim, ProBio 5, XFactor, MegaX, and BioCleanse.

Amber Brown writes: I started taking Plexus Slim in October 2014, strictly seeking weight loss. The first pic is June 2014 after I had gained 30 pounds in one year. The middle pic was taken in December 2014, where I was down 13 lbs. In January 2015, I added the XFactor, ProBio5, and BioCleanse to my routine. The final pic was taken in February 2015, down a total of 17 lbs and lost 3 pants sizes!!! So I did get weight loss with these products, but what I didn’t expect was all the things I GAINED: More energy, better sleep, fewer allergy symptoms, regulated mood and monthly cycles, no more anxiety or depression symptoms, and the list goes on…
I’ve also been able to grow my team and have gained financial blessings from adding Plexus to my life. That along with new friendships and the opportunity to travel to spend time growing and nurturing those relationships. I heart emoticon Plexus!!

Leah Baker writes: As of January 2015, I was taking almost 20 pills a day for RA, Fibro, IBS-C, and Restless Leg Syndrome. I started Plexus on March 3rd, 2015 as a last ditch effort. I was ready to give up. Plexus has changed my life. It took away my pain and depression. It has given me my life back. I only take 1 prescription a day instead of 11. I feel better than I have in years.

Janie Mayo writes: I’ve lost 40 lbs and 34 inches! My blood pressure is now perfect!  My sugar is normal!  ALL my levels have greatly improved!!  My doctor has been able to delete all the “bad” diagnosis from my chart and said to keep doing what I’m doing because it’s working!!! I’ve made a lifestyle change and Plexus has been the tool to help me do that!! To make better food choices, it has given me the energy, the desire, and relieved the pain, so I could start exercising again! I feel like a new woman!!

Meagan Moore writes: I found Plexus back in December when I was struggling with insomnia! I hadn’t slept a full night in about 2 months. I was desperate! I was constantly fighting a battle. I was drinking 4-5 Mt Dews to stay awake with my children durning the day from not sleeping at night. I started the Triplex and within the first week I slept an entire night! Let me tell you how that can change a persons life! My eating habits instantly started getting better. My anxiety started to fade. I no longer needed all the soda! My energy level was even and I was SLEEPING! Plexus has changed my life! I don’t know what I would do without it!

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