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Check in Regularly

Checking in with your customers is KEY to knowing how their products are working for them and keeping them ordering month after month. Here’s a recommended check in schedule:

– Day they Order – THANK THEM for trusting you and giving Plexus a try! Send them instructions on how to take the products they ordered and ask them to let you know when they receive them. IT IS ESSENTIAL TO KNOW WHEN THEY START.

– Day their Product Arrives – Tell them you are so excited for them to start. Ask if they have any questions about how to take the products. Tell them you will check in tomorrow to see how day 1 goes.

– Day One of Product – Check in to see how day one is going – did they remember to start? How are the feeling? Noticing anything? Assuming all is well, let them know that you will check in again in 2-3 days and to text you if they have any questions before then.

– Day 3/4 – Check in to make sure they are still taking the products, if they are noticing feeling any different, etc. If they have a headache, it is likely detox from the pink drink and/or die off symptoms from the probiotic. THIS IS NORMAL, and will subside. They need to push through. If they are feeling great… GREAT! You’ll check in again next week.

 – FIRST MONTH – After the days outlines above, you’ll want to try to check in weekly for the first month. It is critical to know how their products are working for them in case you need to help them change up their order.

– After First Month – Check in once or twice a month. Look for ways to troubleshoot if something isn’t working like they hoped, mention other products they may be interested in.

Set Proper Expectations

– The products won’t work overnight – They need to give it at least 60-90 days to start seeing results.

– They may not feel amazing at first – These are HEALTH & WELLNESS SUPPLEMENTS and most likely these people haven’t been the healthiest before Plexus, so it is natural that they may experience some minor issues like headache, gas/bloating/bowel changes, skin breakouts in the first few weeks. 2 weeks is usually the magic number when people start to feel like you do! Encourage them to push through any detox/die off symptoms. They may feel great from day 1… even better!

– We may need to make adjustments to their regimen – people are not cookie cutter. What works for one may not work for another. The key to confidently being able to help your customers find their perfect regimen is to know the products and keep an open line of communication with your customer.

Handle Issues For Them

You are running a business and like it or not, issues will arise from time to time. Shipping will get delayed, the website will crash, your customer will decide it’s not for them – these are all issues ANY BUSINESS FACES. The key to making it through bumps in the road is to expect them, keep calm, and know that it will get resolved. Plexus has a great reputation to uphold and they will always make it right for the customer. If your customer has an issue that you cannon resolve on your own, either direct them to Corporate Customer Service or offer to contact Corporate Customer Service for them. Always feel free to reach out to your upline for help – that’s what we’re here for.

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