We are super excited about this because whether you’re new and wanting to rock your network marketing business from the get go or whether you’re ready to re-engage and “re-start”; or if you’re a leader wanting to perfect a powerful and successful process to encourage duplication on your team–you’re in the right place. We’ve spent the past few weeks studying what leaders of the fastest growing teams in Plexus are doing and I’m excited to share with you a few streamlined tips to help you refine our “succesful start system.”When we streamline our system, and keep things simple–duplication happens. And duplication is where the magic happens. It leads to momentum. Are you ready to rock your Plexus biz? AWESOME!! Below are just a few tips to be sure you hit on when you’re getting your newbie off to a rockin start. As we always say, We can’t take credit for people’s overall success (or lack thereof), but we are responsible to help them get off to a really great start! #1 Let’s unbox your success kit!

#2 Learn how to Earn a paycheck with Plexus!

How to ROCK your Plexus business!

You’ve signed up as an ambassador, Welcome to our team!

These instructions will guide you step by step, and give you specific time sensitive directions.

Everything you need to be successful with your Plexus business are in these instructions, but it is up to YOU to use and apply each step!

In network marketing, you get what you GIVE!

Our Plexus team is a FAMILY, We are here to  give you as much support, training and encouragement as you need, however it is imperative that you do your part.

Your first 30 days will define the momentum of your business and your success.

It is absolutely crucial that you do your very best to follow and complete each step in the time frame given.

It is also imperative that you are teachable, and take the time to study and learn the information given to you. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!!!!

Congratulations on making the BEST health and business decision you’ve ever made!

The sky is truly the limit with Plexus. Focus, be consistent, be faithful and be a product of the product.

Welcome aboard, We are so happy to have you! It’s going to be an AMAZING journey!

5 Steps to Success- Goal to get to SILVER within 30 days

  1. Write a list of 100 people within your first 48 hours and continue adding new people monthly. Reaching out to people that you know in your network will be how you start your business.
  2. Write a list of your top 5 from that 100 that you feel can benefit from our products, send your direct upline that list, and the reason why you feel they could benefit. Get those 5 people into a 3-way FB message or phone call with your direct upline within the first 48 hours.
  3. Write a list of your top 5 from that list of 100 that you feel could benefit from the business opportunity or that you most want on your team. Get them each into a 3-way FB message or phone call with your direct upline within the first 48 hours.
  4. Continue these steps weekly with a top 5 for health and top 5 for business, and getting them into 3-ways or phone calls with your direct upline. Work your way through your list of 100, but continue to add people to it.5.
  5.  Make an “Announcement” post on your FB page announcing your new health and business journey with Plexus within your first 24 hours.


Big Announcement!! I am very excited to get an early start to my 2015 New Year’s Resolution to get healthy and in shape and build a business through Plexus Worldwide!! I’ve done the research and everything I’ve found has left me saying, WOW! These products ROCK! I’m looking forward to an amazing journey. If you’d love to hear more about what I’m doing please message me and I can’t wait to start sharing!

Also you could take a fun picture of you when your welcome pack arrives and use a fun app like Rhonna to put a caption…something like “mama has a brand new business!” Social media can be a great resource to launch your business!

How to Launch your Business:

Please take a minute to watch these 2 very important videos about these steps:

The Key to Success in Network Marketing:

Business Strategy Session:

More Business Building Tips

  1. Order business cards ( or SJ Plexus Design on facebook has great ones!
  2. Watch the power of 3 training-
  3. Watch the social media training-
  4. Subscribe to-,,,,
  5. Watch, study and learn all you can on gut health, Candida, and the need for Probio5

   6. Be a product of the products-order your own $100 for personal use every single month, or 10 trial packs to grow your business. Be a Plexus team player! Make it a monthly minimum of $200 or more, $100 of your own purchases, and at least $100 in sales from customers. This raises the pay point!

   7. Attend as many team events and meetings as possible!!!

   8. Commit to personal growth and development, here’s some videos about this…

   9. Post TESTIMONIES NOT ADS on FB, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest 2-3 times a day. (Posts made @ 8am, Noon, 5pm will get the most visibility.)

 10. Schedule an online facebook party, sip n see or local event within your first 1-2 months of joining in order to share Plexus with your community.

 11. Consistently add people to your social media audience, make sure your social media links are on your business cards

 12. Find a running buddy, or business partner that you can be accountable to, brain storm with, and find support and                           encouragement

 13. Make sure you keep catalogs, brochures, flyers, Success Magazines, and business building tools in stock, labeled, and available to pass out to businesses, Dr. Offices, nail salons, school, restaurant’s, real estate offices, daycares, and whenever you are out and about sharing Plexus.

 14. Invest back in your business by purchasing samples packes to give away or run contests/giveaways on your social media accounts.

 15. Wear Plexus swag, t-shirts, hats, sweat shirts, purses or bags, sticker your car with your website info. Get people to ask YOU, about Plexus

 16. Promote 1 specific product a week, like a SPOTLIGHT product. Share key ingredients, their benefits, post specific                            testimonies from that particular product all week under your “Spotlight” post.

 17. Study and learn the importance of the body’s PH, oxygenation of the body, water consumption, and blood sugar levels, and how each of our products relate.

 18. Be positive, speak positive, think positive

 19. Set daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals. Set a plan of action to meet those goals. Create a dream board, with pictures ofthings you want to have, build, and attain. Hang it in your office so you can look at it daily! Celebrate when you do.

Finding your “Why”

Finding your why is important. We all start this journey for different reasons. Being able to identify, understand and verbalize your why is important. Your why will probably change through the course of your journey, but sharing it to others is important. Your why may be able to help or encourage others. So really think about why you are starting your journey, why it’s important to you, and remember that along your way.

Compensation Plan Knowledge 

Understanding the comp plan is pivotal in your business. You must understand how you get paid, and how you can advance within the company. You want to familiarize yourself with the comp plan so you can share it with others, and recruit them to join your team and reap the benefits to financial freedom as well. Please watch these videos on the comp plan.


Sharing The Opportunity 

We must tell people about Plexus, its products and the business opportunity. We have a GIFT, there are so many people that NEED Plexus, it’s our job as Ambassadors to SHARE this gift with as many people as we can.

Please watch this opportunity video


Another way to share with people is with cold emailing/messaging. Although this may seem a bit scary, it is very effective.

Check out our Page for Cold Call Messeging

Learning The Rank Advancements And What You Need To Promote

You need to know exactly what you need to do to be able to get paid great money, promote to the next rank, earn your bonuses, earn your Lexus, earn your Maui trip, and earn your % of the pools!

Ranks of Achievement in the Plexus Compensation Plan:

These ranks of achievement are listed in chronological order; the lowest rank is an Associate; the highest rank is a Diamond Ambassador.

Check out our Learning the Plexus Ranks Page Here

Qualifying to Earn Income

In order to earn commissions and bonuses you must be Qualified. Being qualified means that your Annual Membership as a Plexus Ambassador is current and that you have a Backup Order (Auto Qualification) in place (Not required but shows us you are serious about your products and Business). If you fail to be Qualified, you will not receive bonuses and commissions!!

We want you to know WE WILL NEVER PUSH or PRESSURE you to do this business we are here to help and all you have to do is contact us either by phone or message! You also are encouraged to contact your direct upline so that you may get a response a little faster, but if you can not reach them, please never hesitate to message us!! If you tell us you want and need our help, THATS IT! WE’LL GO TO THE TOP together! The sky is the limit and THIS IS THE RIGHT TIME RIGHT PLACE OPPORTUNITY. We believe that with everything we have!

Wishing you the best of success with your Plexus journey!

Anna & Julie