1. Create Plexus Photo Albums on Your Phone

Create different albums including “Plexus Directions”, “Plexus Products”, “Plexus New Ambassador”, etc. These will come in handy when sharing info with prospects.

2. Create a Plexus Folder in the Notes App on Your Phone

This is a great place to save texts that you will send often, such as “What is Plexus?” “Plexus Product Overview” and “The Plexus Business“. You will still want to edit these so they are relevant to the person you’re talking to, but having a baseline to go by is helpful.

3. Create a Follow-Up System for keeping up with your team and potentials.

Committing to 5-3-1 (Reach out to 5, Follow-Up with 3, and Train 1 Person Daily – more on that here) is important, but so is having a system that keeps you organized and consistent. Every jewel has their own way of keeping up with things, below are a couple suggestions and tutorials. Pick one that sounds good to you and give it a try. Find what works best for you!

– Calendar Method – (Especially great for follow-up) This is for all you paper & pen lovers! Simply take a calendar and write down the names of people you plan to follow-up and reach out to each day. The key is to plan ahead each month!

– Excel Spreadsheet – Great for keeping up with your FRANKS list and managing your team. Make one tab for your FRANKS list, and put each ambassador you add on their own individual tab so you can track your conversations and how you’re training them, goals, etc. Here is a quick video from Diamond Ambassador, Julia Cartee, showing how she organizes her prospects and team.

– Index Card Prospecting Box – Diamond Ambassador Andrea Mitchell explains this method: