The Wellness Chat! (Taking the guess work out of it for you!) – We're Committed to Helping you Succeed!

In an effort to help you all earn while you learn and to take the guess work out of educating your potentials, friends and family, we have created something just for you! A Wellness chat!

The Wellness chat is meant to educate your client on three main issues for poor health and to show them how amazing our products are in helping with those issues! It is a Professional tool just for YOU!

**The invitation** (Through FB message. Or a call, text or email.)

Below is just an example message. Work with your mentor to help create your strategy and wording. And we’ll want to make it sounds like you!

Ask everyone on your Top 30 (or Top 50) list!

Hi Name!

I hope you’re doing great! (Add a sentence or two to personalize it.)

I just recently started an amazing natural healing journey, and a new holistic health business. And I’d love to invite you to learn more!

This isn’t to sell anything!! 🙂 This is to empower you with information on our body’s incredible ability to heal itself, and how we can feel better than we have in forever.

Would you be open to learning more? I can send you a super short video (it’s only 15 minutes long.) And you’re seriously going to be blown away with all the awesome information!!

Would that be OK?


When they say Yes, you can send something like this:
Wonderful! Thanks so much! Here’s a link to the video: The Wellness Chat

Again, it’s only about 15 minutes long. When would you guess you’d be able to watch it, so I know when to follow back up with you, to see what questions you have?

**A note to you: Watch the Wellness Chat yourself. You’ll learn a ton! You can watch it here.**

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