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Time Management and Organization….How to build big and stay balanced… Convention 2016…5th row observer…awe struck and inspired! My story…My Why (family and Grandsons, all 5!) and then reality picture! I’m learning and growing along the way! Top Tips:Intro- what is freedom? network marketing offers a unique opportunity to build a life where you make priorities and schedule your life around what is important to you!  If you are a slave to this business it will wear you out fast! Hoping to share some tips and insight with your business more effective! Tips to manage your time… 1.SET GOALS-this will determine the amount of time you will dedicate to your business 2.Establish priorities…God, Family, Plexus (there are no emergencies in network marketing!)          Make a Plan…write it down…I use an actual spiral planner. Schedule your hours of operation.

  1. Plan in date night, family night, unplugged time
  2. Write a To Do List…check things off as you get them done.  Start with most important first.
  3. make sure things like exercise are scheduled and included. Your mental and physical health is important.
  4. journal, focus on the positive, write down things you are grateful for to keep you moving forward with a great attitude

3.Plan your Work and Work your Plan     a. Income producing activities come first (growing your team and getting new customers) (40%) You need to focus first on activities that will move your business forward.  This is presenting the business opportunity and sharing about our products to build your team and get new customers.  This will also include following up.  What does this NOT look like! This is NOT getting on fb for 2 hours to “network” and then realizing all you did was catch up on the latest group drama and get derailed in gossip.  Facebook can be an awesome and effective tool if used correctly and limited amounts of time…don’t let it zap your productivity     Tips for Daily Activites (income producing) 5-3-1…Share product/opportunity with 5 new people everyday/week…could be email, fb, phone call, running errands and meeting people…expand your network. look for ways to offer what we have to people.  (allison at the gym)  Everyone struggles. People all have needs or questions they already deal with.  If we can listen to people and offer a solution then there is no “selling” or convincing needed.  This is a learned skill. Eric W. book Go Pro helps a lot with this.  Also make sure you practice Act, Review, Adjust.  Are you getting good responses..are people running the other way, are you pushy…evaluate your effectiveness in how you are sharing and learn from those experiences! Follow up with 3 people everyday/week…follow up is HUGE! Keeping in close contact with the people you share plexus with, will give you an opportunity to grow your customer base and team.  Don’t sell a three day and then never follow up!  It is TRUE! The fortune is in the follow up! Make those calls! Most of the time those people are waiting and wanting to hear from you!  If you already have customers. follow up with them too! they may be ready to take that leap to become an ambassador! (Casey…example of making one call a day and building a business around a crazy life and hectic schedule!) Call/Support/Teach/Train 1 team member…this will help you offer support and get them started right…helps with duplication…be available for three way calls and to mentor your emerging leaders.   b.Team Support and Training- (40%) Building a strong team with leaders below you is key to effective time management and making sure you aren’t responsible for everyone.  If you work closely with the people close to you then you won’t feel like you have to answer everyone! This includes conference calls, training calls, three way calls, coaching calls Don’t be a manager…help build leaders under you! Don’t set yourself up to be a Hero! (running around putting our fires and answering every single phone call! ) Create independent people who can think for themselves, are self motivated, and seek out solutions to issues without always running to you! You don’t want to just manage a crowd…you want to lead a team that works together! Help Plug people in so it is duplicatable! Lead them to where to find answers so they won’t have to ask.  Use the resources that are available to us in our websites and conference calls etc Another example of effective daily activities… The Perfect 10…share business with 3 people, share the products with 3 people, follow up with 3 people, and attend 1 event Emails, booking events, travel, mailing trials, running errands, etc.  This needs to be no more than 10% of your time and energy and this needs to be the first thing to delegate!  Have a spouse help with running to the post office!  Or maybe hire a friend or even a virtual assistant.  The things that zap you of your time and energy that someone else can do, need to be delegated so you can work where your strengths are an on things that can only be done by you! d. Personal growth and development! This is critical in my opinion for your business and your life.  Learning, growing, being coached, trained and mentored can help get you to that next level! Make books, CD’s, webinars a must in your time planning! ( I gave up T.V. Most of the day!) What you focus on and fill your mind with is what will determine your attitude, how you grow, and ultimately how successful you will be in your network marketing business with Plexus! Please follow and like us: