Tips For Cold Messaging – We're Committed to Helping you Succeed!

Cold messaging is one of the most effective ways to grow your business. The idea of cold messaging is reaching out to people to strike up the conversation about Plexus instead of waiting on them to bring it up to you. Many successful ambassadors use Facebook messenger, Instagram direct messages and texting for cold messaging. Of course, good ol’ fashioned phone calls and in person conversations are great ways to talk about the business too, so use these tips as you see fit for your method of communication.

1. Keep it short and sweet – In the beginning, we really have to fight the urge to “vomit” Plexus. You’re new to this business and excited, which is AWESOME, but DO. NOT. spill your guts to your new prospects with everything you’ve learned about Plexus! I look back to some of the messages/texts I sent in the beginning and wish I could erase and pretend like they didn’t happen. I sent NOVELS – it’s a wonder anyone read them at all!

– Try to keep your initial message super short and to the point – example: “Hey Jessica! You may have noticed that I’ve been posting about Plexus. Have you tried it or looked into it??”

– Try to keep responses down to two sentences and end with a question – example: “I can’t believe you haven’t heard of it yet! Would you mind if I sent you some information?” (Then send them this and this.)

2. Let pictures talk for you – A picture is worth a thousand words. Go to our team page on Facebook and save a few images from all of us on the team . Instead of responding to a message with a lot of words, say “here… I’m going to send you a few things to look over” and send 2-3 images.

3. Send Voice Messages – This is a great tool for many reasons. First, you can get away with saying more in voice than in text. Second, your friend/prospect can hear the excitement in your voice. Third, who’s not going to listen to a voice message? Curiosity alone will get the best of them usually whereas it’s easy to ignore a text that seems to wordy or salesy.

Tips from the Top

Here is an awesome video by Diamond ambassador, Tara Castaneda, on Cold Messaging:

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