Tips for Facebook Posting – We're Committed to Helping you Succeed!

Posting about Plexus on Facebook is one of the best ways to grow your business. Follow these tips to post like a pro:

1. DON’T WAIT – Many new ambassadors are hesitant to start posting about Plexus on Facebook, but I’ve never heard one say they regretted posting once they started! The longer you wait, the more likely you are to lose opportunities because someone else my get the attention of your friend/family member/acquaintance first!

2. POST OFTEN & MIX IT UP – It is recommended that we post around 3 times per day, on average:

– One post about Plexus products or business opportunity

– One post about something influential like a quote, bible verse, funny meme, etc.

– One (or more) personal post – you with your family, doing something you enjoy, etc.

It’s awesome if you can make personal posts also contain Plexus (example: a picture of your family eating out and your caption is thanking Plexus for the extra income that paid for family date night.) You do want to post often. You DO NOT want your Facebook to be only Plexus posts.

3. KNOW WHEN TO POST – The most effective times to post are between 6-8am, 11-1 lunchtime and 6-9pm. If you have many parents of young children in your followers, nap time 1-3pm may also be a good time. If you have many parents of school-aged children in your followers, carpool time 2-3pm may be a good time.

4. FEEL FREE TO BORROW – It is understood in the Plexus community of ambassadors that we have permission to reuse each others posts. You do not have to ask for permission to copy/paste someones post, but do be respectful (don’t repost on the same day if you have mutual friends, don’t change wording of testimonies, etc.). It’s a good idea to friend/follow other ambassadors who are good at posting to get ideas (list of good ones to follow here). Also, use the “save” feature on Facebook to save posts you like for future use.

5. UNDERSTAND WHY WE POST – New ambassadors sometimes become concerned when no-one is liking/commenting/messaging them from their social media posts. THIS IS COMPLETELY NORMAL and does not mean that people aren’t interested, that they don’t like seeing your posts, or any of the other defeating thoughts we may tell ourselves. It’s important to understand that posting about Plexus regularly is like turning on the lights and the “Open” sign each day if you were an actual store. The point is to let people know you are open for business… not necessarily to make a sale from the post! People ARE WATCHING your posts, even if they aren’t liking/commenting/messaging you. This is why it’s so important that we reach out to people to share about our products/opportunity instead of relying on posting alone and waiting for them to come to us.

6. USE THE SAVE FEATURE ON FB – Facebook has a “save” feature that is very handy when looking for post ideas.

7. SCHEDULE POSTS – If you find that you’re having a hard time remembering to post, use an app like Buffer to schedule at least one post per day. This takes the pressure off of finding a post in a pinch, especially if you have time on the weekend to load your Buffer.

Tips from the Top

Here is an awesome video by Diamond ( We are #ONEPLEXUS so training from all Jewels is good to use and watch) , Julia Cartee, ( Angie Thompson is our Diamond Upline) on how to make the most of your Facebook posting:

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