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FSG is when you add 20 ambassadors to your team in your first 30 days. You get DOUBLE Silver and Gold bonuses which total $750, plus you’ll get $200-$500 in business building bonuses for adding all those people, AND your team/business will be off to an incredible start.

How to Do It

The key to achieving FSG is to start sharing about Plexus the minute you sign up, or better yet – to start planning for it by putting feelers out to your closest friends and family in the days before you sign up. Your goal for achieving FSG is to sign up as many ambassadors up on your team as you can, and get them to do the same. Ideally, you’d sign 4 friends/family up in your first week and you’d encourage them to turn right around and sign 4. You could do 5 ambassadors who add 3 each, or 7 who add 2 – any combination that adds up to 20 ambassadors total as long as you have 3 that you have personally added yourself.

Who to Add

Anyone who signs up as an ambassador and purchases one of the $100 welcome packs will count towards your 20. Ideally, you want these to be people who also have an interest in making a little money with Plexus; HOWEVER, you can sign customers up as “wholesale customers” allowing them to access wholesale pricing with no obligation to sell and they will count as part of that 20 as long as they purchase a welcome pack. This would be fine for a customer who is starting with the Triplex, for example, but would NOT be ideal for someone who only wants to buy a product or two. Keep in mind that wholesale customers aren’t typically business builders, so don’t count on them to add to your team with you.

What You Need to Know

You DO NOT need to know everything about the business to go FSG… your sponsor/upline will be right there with you in your first few weeks to help you learn as you go. It is critical that you work closely with your sponsor or someone in your upline if FSG is your goal. It is a good idea to have a very basic understanding of these few things. (Save these 4 images to your phone. You can also share these with potentials. 😉)

  1. GENERAL overview of Plexus

  2. GENERAL overview of products

  3. GENERAL overview of the business

  4. How to sign someone up (video tutorial coming soon)

Tips From the Top

Here is an awesome video from Diamond ambassador Tara Castaneda on how to achieve FSG.

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