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Instagram is a really great social media tool to use in addition to Facebook. Follow these tips to become a master Instagrammer:

1. NAME WISELY – If you already have an account, great! Use that one and incorporate Plexus into your feed. If you don’t already have an account, create one but don’t choose a name with Plexus in it. People don’t want to be sold to and having Plexus (or any other salesy words) in your name may keep people from following you.

2. WHAT TO POST – Resist the urge to post only Plexus photos. Much like the Facebook posting tips, you want to post a healthy mixture of personal and Plexus posts. It’s best if your posts are personal with hints of Plexus. People are typically turned off by photos of products that look like ads, and are typically more interested in photos of YOU showing how you incorporate Plexus into your lifestyle. Try to show how Plexus makes your life better, not that Plexus is your life.


– You doing something fun with your kids, thanking Plexus for the natural energy

– You enjoying a night out with your hubby and you paid the bill with money you earned through Plexus

– You having a girls night with friends you met through Plexus

​3. HASHTAGS – Hashtags are huge in Instagram. Use them. They help your photos/account get found when people are browsing through photos. Use relevant hashtags, but avoid using tags that only other Plexus people or other sales people are using.


– You post a picture of you holding your pink drink at the park while your kids play on the playground and say something like “Thankful for the natural energy from Plexus to help me keep up with my kiddos!”

DON’T USE #pinkdrink #plexus #energy #makingmoneyatthepark #winning (because it’s likely that the only people also using those hashtags are other Plexus reps!)

Instead, USE THESE #mom #momlife #playground #qualitytime #outdoors #playtime (you get the idea? use hashtags that MOMS WHO DONT SELL PLEXUS use since that’s who you’re trying to appeal to!)

4. BUILD YOUR FOLLOWING – This is not easy and it takes time, but it can be done. Here are a few ways to build your following:

– Sync your Facebook friends list

– Remember those hashtags we used in #3? Go to those hashtags and follow users who post photos under the same hashtags.

– Go to public Instragam accounts you follow and friend request their followers. Many of them will follow you back. Be careful to respect Instagram’s follow/unfollow limits so you don’t get your account suspended. You can follow or unfollow up to 50 people in an hour, 200 in a day without being flagged as a spammer. Don’t do this with competitive sellers or an individual’s personal account… do this with accounts like mom blogs, clothing brands you follow, etc…. You can then use an app like “followers for instagram” to see who didn’t follow you back and unfollow those people.

5. CONNECT – Instagram is more than just a following game. You want to try to connect with your followers so they’ll interact with you and pay attention to your posts. Here are a few tips on connecting:

– Like and comment on your followers photos

– Send a Private Message – For every single person who follows me (unless I can tell they’re a business or another network marketer) I send the following message. Notice I’m not mentioning Plexus. I am not trying to SELL THEM, I am trying to CONNECT WITH THEM in hopes they’ll see my posts and maybe become interested in Plexus. If they respond and we build a relationship, I may add them to my FRANKS list and mention Plexus to them down the road, but definitely not right away.

“Hi Jessica! I wanted to reach out to personally thank you for following me! I’m a wife, stay at home mom of two boys and am passionate about empowering other moms/women because let’s be honest… life isn’t always easy! I hope you enjoy my posts and that I can inspire you in some way! 😘😘”

Tips from the Top

Here is an awesome video by Diamond ambassador, Bridget Ryan, on how to effectively work Instagram:

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