Tips for Product Troubleshooting – We're Committed to Helping you Succeed!

Set Proper Expectations

– The products won’t work overnight – They need to give it at least 60-90 days to start seeing results.

– They may not feel amazing at first – These are HEALTH & WELLNESS SUPPLEMENTS and most likely these people haven’t been the healthiest before Plexus, so it is natural that they may experience some minor issues like headache, gas/bloating/bowel changes, skin breakouts in the first few weeks. 2 weeks is usually the magic number when people start to feel like you do! Encourage them to push through any detox/die off symptoms. They may feel great from day 1… even better!

– We may need to make adjustments to their regimen – people are not cookie cutter. What works for one may not work for another. The key to confidently being able to help your customers find their perfect regimen is to know the products and keep an open line of communication with your customer.

Adjust When/How They Take The Products

One of the simplest ways to help a customer see the results they hope for with a product is to help them find the perfect regimen. Some people just go by the directions on the bottle and are fine. Others prefer to play around with the time of day they take certain things. This is totally fine to do. Here are some alternative times/dosages for some of the more popular products:

– Slim – many people like to take it later in the morning if they don’t feel like their energy/craving control is lasting throughout the day.

– Bio Cleanse – many people like to take 2-4 bio cleanse at bedtime instead of 2 before and 2 after lunch. Water intake is CRITICAL to success with Bio Cleanse. If you aren’t drinking enough water, it will not work.

– ProBio5 – The dosage says 2 per day, but you can take up to 4. If someone is having bad carb/sweet cravings, stubborn weight loss plateaus, getting sick often – suggest they up the dosage.

– Block – Some people have seen success taking one in the morning and one at bedtime as an alternative to before meals only. You can take up to 4 daily, so this will still allow for a dose before the heaviest meal of the day.

– Edge/Accelerator/Boost – If they say they feel jittery, suggest taking with food. If they are having trouble sleeping, suggest taking before lunch. Accelerator and Boost work best when taken with Slim.

It’s Ok if they Need to Stop a Product or Give it a Break

If a customer is having a reaction to a product that they don’t like, it’s ok to tell them to stop taking that product for a day or two to make sure the product was the cause. If they find it was (example: accelerator made them feel jittery, offer to help them get their money back so they can try Block instead.)

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