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Facebook:  Plexus is a big proponent of social media, especially Facebook which can be a very effective tool if used correctly.  Please review our social media training for the best results.  You should also begin following others in the business who have had great success, like Celeste Gwynn, Sara Marble and Heather B.  They all do a fantastic job using FB to promote.  Use them as a guide.  Confused about what is appropriate material or having trouble coming up with status updates that will attract others to your business?  Start following others on the team whose posts you like.  Feel free to copy and paste any of their current or past statuses to your status update.

Phone Invites:  While FB is wonderful, it is just one avenue to create revenue.  The fact is you only have so many friends on facebook that will respond.  Beyond catching their attention on status updates, the next best thing to do is pick up the phone.  I can’t express the importance and effectiveness enough.  Learn to call and invite others to learn about our products/biz.  Practice, practice, practice.  This is a skill that you can get better and better at it with time.  The more you do the better you will be!

Ways to start a conversation: http://networkmarketingpro.com/pdf/the_hottest_recruiting_scripts_in_mlm_by_eric_worre_networkmarketingpro.com.pdf

Book Recommendation:  Go for No!

There are many, many more books and blogs available to help you with this talent.  Do an amazon search for network marketing.  Also, I HIGHLY advise you partner with someone to practice.  Be it a husband, friend, plexus peep, or even a potential prospect.  Ask them if they will listen to you present an invitationt to learn about your product/biz.  Let them critique you and offer suggestions of ways to communicate your invite in a friendly, clearer, more positive manner.  Practice till you figure out what works for you.  Really, it is about being yourself, getting to the point, and keeping it simple.

What Proceeds an Invitation?

The follow up via email:  Some may not be able to offer you the time to meet one to one or attend a meeting.  So, you can offer them the info over email.  We recommend the following, but feel free to create your own:

Great chat yesterday!  Here are a few videos that will help for an overview of product and compensation plan.  Also, I am attaching a handful of testimonials from our team.

Product overview:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nOwCGP6DhKo



And, we were just introduced as 8th fastest growing company in the country!


When someone has agreed to receive info such as that above, you need to set the next appointment.  It goes like this….the invitation to review materials is accepted, you get their email, you then let them know the info will take about 20-30 minutes to go through.  Ask them if they think they will have the time in the next 48 hours.  If they say yes, then say, “great, I’d like to call back (pick a time greater than 48 hours) to find out what you thought of the info and answer any questions.  Will 9am or 6PM monday, or noon on Tuesday work best?”  Always provide a specifc set of times for them to select.  If, when you call them back, they have not watched or read, then set the next appointment.  Be sure to say something like, “No problem, I understand.  Life happens and people get busy”…….then proceed to set the next appointment.

When you call back one option is to have your upline on the phone before you 3 way in the prospect.  That way you already have someone there to back you and help validate what you are saying.  Simply say, “Hey Roger, I’m checking in to find out your thoughts on Plexus.  Just so you know I brought my upline into the conversation in case you had questions that I wouldn’t be able to answer.  What did you think about Plexus and what questions do you have?”

The Opportunity Meeting:  One of the most terrific events you can invite someone to is an opportunity meeting.  Here is a  quick link that will help you with how to go about inviting.  (See Below).

Eric Worre Document to help you with the invitation!

It is SO EASY cause all you have to do is get the body to the meeting!!  The presenters and energy in the room takes care of the rest!  You put out the invite like this:  “Hey Chris, How are you doing?  I am calling tonight because I was just introduced to a new opportunity and I really think you are going to like it.  There are a number of people getting together on Tuesday the 16th.  I’d like you to come with me and see what I am talking about.”

Another option, “Hey Chris, How are you doing?  I am calling tonight because I just started a new business venture and I thought of you right away.  You are going to love this opportunity.  Let me swing by on the 16th and pick you up.  I want you to see what its all about.”

Another option:  “Hey Chris, How are you doing?  What are you doing the 16th in the evening?  Let them answer.  If answer is nothing, then…Listen, I’ve got something I really think you are going to like.  It’s a new opportunity I was recently introduced to and I want you to check it out.  I think it is right up your alley.  I’ll swing by and pick you up around 6.  Or, meet me at (place of meeting) at 6.”

If they ask you what the opportunity is about, do NOT get into a Q&A.  You can fill them in a little but let them know that you really want them to see the full realm of the opportunity before making a judgement.  For instance:  It’s a network marketing company called Plexus.  They are really changing the face of health for many people and it is having profound impacts that are leading to astronomical growth.  They have had over 16000% growth in just the last 3 years and they are still in their infant stages.  You’ll see what I mean on the 16th.

For each commitment you receive, you will need to call them back 12-48 hours prior to the event to solidify their commitment.  “Hey Chris, just checking in with a reminder of our “date” on the 16th.  I am super excited!!  I have already begun the first steps of the business and am seeing amazing results.”  If they cancel, schedule a one on one.

For those that turn you down altogether for the meetings, schedule a phone appointment or one on one.  Or, attempt a FB chat.

Coffee Chats:  If you are not all about the opportunity meetings or your schedule/location doesn’t allow for you to attend these meetings, coffee chats are the next best thing.  I know network marketers that have built a $5 million dollar business off coffee chats.  They are essentially mini opportunity meetings.  It involves you making the same invitation as above, only it is to meet one on one for coffee or facetime or skype (in case you don’t live in the same town).  You can do this with one or more people.  So, let’s say you are just starting.  You can call three people and tell them you just started a brand new business venture and you know they are going to be a perfect fit or really love the opportunity as well.  Invite them to meet with you some morning or evening (wine or coffee) and you are going take about 30 minutes to show them what you mean.  You find your first three, right?  They all meet at the coffee house and you make introductions.  You get through the presentation and you can even have your upline on the speaker phone or skype or facetime to make sure you remember everything, as well as to be a support in answering questions and offering a testimonial.  Let’s say 1 out of 3 sign as an ambassador and the other two start the product.  You have now educated all three on what Plexus can do for people.  You ask the product users, “Now that you see what our products all cover, who do you know that suffers from the health issues we covered?  Diabetes, fibromyalgia, migraines, women’s issues, intestinal issues, arthritis, chronic pain, lymes disease, weight management, etc?  Let them answer!!!  Then, ask if it would be alright to contact them with an invitation to your next coffee clutch so you can also inform them.  Tell your new customers they are welcome to join in and bring them along.  You can even go as far as telling them, For each person they bring you, you will put there name in a hat for a cash prize drawing you do on a monthly basis for referrals.  As for your ambassador, she now becomes another one of you.  She will place her own invitations just as instructed above.  The next coffee clutch will be you bringing 1-3 people, AND her bringing 1-3 people.  If you get new ambassadors at that meeting, then they too will proceed to gather people.  Eventually they can branch off into their own coffee clutches too. Do you see how you can grow your team quickly and effectively while working together in a fun environment?

The key to your success using the above prospecting tools is to consistently reach out to 1-3 people a day with the invitation.  Many, many people read through this last sentence and think “Oh yeah, I can do that.”, and then go about their life never following through and never growing their business.  One reason I think this happens is because it is simple.  You are excited, you read through the material and you think, “1-3 people, I can do that”.  But, I warn you, it is tricky.  What seems simple can be easily forgotten.  You go back to your daily routine and before you know it is 9PM and you have not made a single call.  How do you overcome this failure?  Write a to do list.  If ever I could offer you one tidbit of monumental value, it is to write a to do list and follow through until all items are checked off EVERY DAY.  One of those items should be who you are calling that day, every day.  You will be surprised how well this works to keep you on track and how much success you will find by doing that one little task of keeping a to do list.  Good luck!!